These are incredibly difficult times for small business owners.
We understand your small business is suffering.

You're worried and in survival mode. You need help right now.

You're feeling the impact of the pandemic-having to adjust workforce, scrambling to find emergency business funding, and worrying about never recovering from your financial losses. Your cash liquidity dried up overnight, but the bills keep piling up.

Are you confused and frustrated by the rules of the Coronavirus Small Business Stimulus program? Unsure or unable to access funding fast enough to save jobs? Are you fearful that you won't have enough cash on hand to sustain your business for the next 90 days? Uncertain about your business's future? We know cash flow is your business's lifeblood. And we are the lifeline to getting you through this crisis.

Don't wait until your business is on the brink of completely shutting down. Every day and decision matters during this critical time.

Given the unprecedented shutdown or slowdown in businesses just like yours across the country, it's likely you need help beyond what the SBA is able to do.

We can help you stabilize your business to minimize the outflow of cash, maximize incoming cash, and build your business during these challenging times.

If you own income producing real estate and don't know what to do, we can help you negotiate leases and debts and the sale of real estate and underutilized assets.

We are committed to learning your business model and prioritizing your immediate concerns.


Clarity in Uncertain Times

Mike Eckerman and his team have decades of combined experience helping businesses navigate tough times.
Contact our team of experts for a consultation today!

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Mike Eckerman

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