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Mike Eckerman can help steer your company through today's uncharted territory. Viewed-and sought out-as a source of valued advice and support, his client-centered approach guides business owners toward making the smartest and best decisions during times of uncertainty. Eckerman is a seasoned expert consultant, wealth recovery strategist, real estate investor, and entrepreneur as well as a life and business coach.

In the face of a crisis or economic downturn, Eckerman helps business owners see things more clearly, allowing their companies to take thoughtful steps to better weather the storm. It's safe to say that this current crisis is like none other faced by business owners, and it can certainly be overwhelming trying to cope with the unique issues it presents.

However, in the face of great adversity comes great opportunities for innovation. Eckerman's highest priority is supporting businesses in strategizing and assessing their concerns and short and long-term goals during these unprecedented times. Drawing from the successes and lessons learned during the financial crisis that arrived in September 2008, he is cognizant of how to lean in, pivot, and thrive in the face of challenges. He has real world experience dealing with the setbacks that accompany disaster.

Prior to the 2008 financial tsunami, Eckerman had a book deal ready to launch and a successful real estate venture that was comprised of 400 properties and valued at $80 million. He was financially wealthy, had freedom, and was professionally comfortable. Playing it safe by conventional standards, his life carried with it all the hallmarks of success. He was living the lifestyle he always dreamed.

Then, everything he had worked so hard to build fell apart. At one point, losing millions in income overnight.

These were dark times. Eckerman felt like he lost his identity. In the wake of the storm, he didn't know where to turn, how to protect his family from the impact of the crisis, or how to cope emotionally with what was happening. There was no one to turn to who could advise him on what he was going through. He watched so many people's lives being destroyed all around him.

Even the wealthiest and most successful people aren't immune to sudden flops, failures, or plunges in net worth. The question is, when you're faced with those dilemmas, what exactly do you do? In Eckerman's case, the devasting event had a silver lining. His optimism in the face of adversity was a hallmark of his success.

"I don't give up. I am very persistent and keep working until I find a resolution that benefits everyone involved. I always work through things and my clients are my number one priority," says Eckerman.

As a passionate wealth recovery strategist and neurolinguistic programming expert, Eckerman began working with clients globally across a range of industries to solve their critical, immediate concerns with the utmost confidence. He became a consultant to many movers and shakers both in Hollywood and beyond. He has coached politicians, CEOs, high-profile celebrities, and fellow entrepreneurs in every industry to assist them in garnering more success and resiliency in business, finance, and relationships. Additionally, he has extensive experience dealing with the politics of regulatory agencies and creditors.

Success doesn't take a straight line. He knows what you're going through right now and has the skillset to help you through to the other side and into the next era. Eckerman understands the severe stress and fears many business owners are currently facing. His honed recession-survival strategies, real-world experiences dealing with the fallout, and being blindsided by the financial downturn has made him adept in teaching business owners how to be survivors by providing strategic tools to frame their ability to respond, resume, and recover.

With more than 30 years of experience in real estate, wealth building, and business financing, he is committed to working in tandem with businesses to develop creative new approaches to address unanticipated challenges and opportunities. He has been featured as an expert consultant on CNN's Pulse on America, in publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Forbes. He has owned well in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate ventures and funding, along with a very successful luxury vacation rental company.

"My team and I are steadfast about making a positive difference in our clients' lives. Serving them is our highest priority," explains Eckerman. "We are committed to consistently providing world-class services for the challenging and diverse business issues our clients bring to the table and pride ourselves on finding innovative, reliable solutions by leveraging our full range of expertise and experience."

It is times like these, when a trusted advisor becomes a lifesaver. With an all-hands-on-deck approach to client services, Eckerman deals with a dedicated team of the best attorneys, paralegals, CPAs, and compliance professionals to provide services such as strategic coaching and executive coaching management, crisis management, life coaching, real estate investing, stimulus package guidance, litigation support, asset protection, credit restoration, reputation management, and much more.

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